Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stephen ter Horst, Fruit de Bois

Merkel and Myrtle returned to Stephen ter Horst Chocolatier after a long break.  There have been a few changes since this shop on Unley Road first opened, but the splendid array of magnificent chocolates are still there to marvel at and indulge in.  The Café is now open more often at night and provides more desserts (other than individual chocolates) which attract the dessert Café crowd.  There are more seats and most importantly more hot chocolates on the menu.

Merkel could have chosen a hot chocolate with hazelnut praline, Spanish spices or chilli but the one he chose on this visit was “Fruit de Bois”.  This is literally fruit of the forest and had a strong flavouring of raspberry and blackberry.  The flavouring was strong to blend with the rich chocolate flavour of the drink.  The drink was served in a modest black ceramic cup and saucer with a brown froth on top.  The cost for the normal hot chocolate is $5.50 and the Fruit de Bois was $6.00.  The indulgence was well worth the price.

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