Monday, January 27, 2014

North Terrace Cultural Precinct

Sightseeing Highlights
  • Art Gallery of SA
  • SA Museum
  • Migration Museum
Chocolate Highlight
  • Cocolat, Rundle Place
  • Balaena Cafe
  • Chris Jarmers@Air
  • Rundle Plaza
  • Rundle Mall
This tour is to be undertaken on foot.  The northern side of North Terrace contains some of the most prestigious buildings in Adelaide.  Starting from the East we have the Botanic Gardens and the Royal Adelaide Hospital.  Then there is the old Brookman building of the University of South Australia, Bonython Hall and the Elder Conservatorium of Music in the Adelaide University, then we have the Art Gallery, Museum and State Library.  Heading further east we than have Government House, Parliament House, the Train Station and Casino.

We start our tour at the Art Gallery of South South Australia which is a grand old building.  Entrance to the gallery is free for most exhibits and  you can spend hours looking through the collections in this gallery.

The next building to west is the Museum which is set back from North Terrace with a fountain and lawns in front of it.  The museum houses many exhibits including natural history, Egyptian relics, meteors and Pacific cultures.  The Balaena Cafe is near the front of the building past the large whale skeleton.

If you wanted a fine restaurant at which to dine at this point then you good consider Chris Jarmers@Air on the opposite side of North Terrace.

Next we head west past the State Library to the corner of North Terrace and Kintore Avenue.  We head north down Kintore Avenue until we get past the State Library where we turn off to visit the Migration Museum at 82 Kintore Avenue. Australia has been shaped by the migrants who have come here and this museum documents their history and their history.

If you wanted to spend some time outside you could head further north to the Woman's Memorial Gardens, the Parade Ground and the River Torrens.  For this tour though we will head south along Kintore Avenue, past Government House and the war memorial to the west.  Cross at the lights over to Gawler Place and keep going South until your reach Rundle Mall.

Rundle Mall is Adelaide's premier shopping precinct.  There is much here to do for the avid shopper however after you visit to the North Terrace Cultural precinct its probably time to sit down and have some good chocolate.  I suggest you go to Cocolat in Rundle Place.  Walk east along Rundle Mall and you will find the escalators from Rundle Place on your right.  Descend the escalators to the lower ground floor and walk to Cocolat booth in the food court.

ChocAdelaide Instructions
ChocAdelaide Version 2 or higher (available for download)
  • Tap "Merkel's Tours" from the overflow menu.  
  • Tap the "Select Locations" button under "North Terrace Cultural Precinct".

Version 1

Show all the locations within 300 metres of the South Australian Museum.  
  • Ensure you are using "Closest First" order
    • Tap "Menus" on the action bar, "Settings", "List Order of Locations", "Closest First"
  • Search for location "South Australian Museum"
    • Tap "Search" on the action bar,  Tap "Clear", Enter "Museum" under "Location Name", tap "Search"
  • Set "South Australian Museum" to your reference location
    • Tap "South Australian Museum", tap the "Fix Location" icon on the Action Bar, tap "Fix Selected" button
  • Show locations within a 0.3 kilometre radius of the Town Hall
    • Tap "Search" on the action bar, tap "Clear", Enter ".3" below "Distance from Here", tap "Search"
  • Ask ChocAdelaide to show the direction and distance to these locations
    • Tap the "Fix Location" icon, tap the "Unfix" button

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