Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens and Surrounds

Sightseeing Highlights
  • National Wine Centre
  • Adelaide Botanic Gardens
Chocolate Highlight
  • Chocolateria San Churro (Rundle Street)
  • Concourse Café
  • Fibonacci Café
  • Ayers House Museum
  • Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

This is a tour that can be undertaken on foot.  If you are driving, then Plane Tree Drive surrounding Botanic Park is a picturesque place to park.  Plane Tree Drive is lined with huge plane trees and runs off Hackney Road.

The National Wine Centre should be your first destination.  This building has an unusual architecture and houses displays of wines, wine-making facilities and art exhibitions.  It also incorporates the Concourse Café

The quickest way to the Botanic Gardens is through the side entrances.  Walk north along Hackney Road and then west into the gardens.  You will be able to spend hours in the Gardens.  You will see the large glass Conservatory from where you enter the Gardens.  Admittance to the Gardens is free but there is a charge for entering the Conservatory.  The Botanic Gardens includes the Fibonacci Café with its view over some leafy archways and the Botanic Gardens Café.

When you are finished in the Gardens head south to the main entrance.  You will pass the large buildings of the Royal Adelaide Hospital which is due for replacement in a couple of years.  Head out of the entrance across North Terrace to East Terrace.  You will pass the Light Horse Monument and the Botanic Hotel at the intersection of North and East Terraces.  Heading south you will  pass the East Terrace Continental Cafe and reach Chocolateria san Churro  where you will be able indulge in chocolate delights after a healthy walk.

ChocAdelaide Instructions
ChocAdelaide Version 2 or higher (available for download)

  • Tap "Merkel's Tours" from the overflow menu.  
  • Tap the "Select Locations" button under "The Adelaide Botanic Gardens and Surrounds".
Version 1

Show all locations within a 300 metre radius of the Botanic Gardens as follows:
  • Ensure you are using Closest First order
    • Tap "Menus" on the action bar, "Settings", "List Order of Locations", "Closest First"
  • Search for location "Adelaide Botanic Gardens"
    • Tap "Search" on the action bar,  Enter "Adelaide Botanic" under "Location Name", tap "Search"
  • Set "Adelaide Botanic Gardens" to your reference location
    • Tap "Adelaide Botanic Gardens", tap the "Fix Location" icon on the Action Bar, tap "Fix Selected" button
  • Show locations within 0.3 kilometre radius of the Botanic Gardens
    • Tap "Search" on the action bar, tap "Clear", Enter ".3" below "Distance from Here", tap "Search"
  • Ask ChocAdelaide to show the direction and distance to these locations
    • Tap the "Fix Location" icon, tap the "Unfix" button

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