Monday, January 20, 2014

Victoria Square

Sightseeing Highlights
  • Adelaide Town Hall
  • Victoria Square
Chocolate Highlight
  • Fiefy's 
  • Argo
  • Haighs (Central Market)
  • Treasury on King William
  • Blefari
  • Town Hall Garden Cafe
  • Funk Coffee in the SA Water building
  • The Adelaide Hilton

This tour is to be undertaken on foot.  Victoria Square is the heart of the Adelaide Central Business district.  There are number of old buildings and plenty of Cafes.  The more intensive shopping areas are North of Victoria Square.  There are plenty of buses that take you to Victoria Square.  The Tram is also an effective way to get there.

The Town Hall to the North of the Square can be your first destination.  This has a classic old white large marble staircase.  It is a good venue for musical concerts.  There are guided tours of the building if pre-arranged and a cafe inside the building.

From the Town Hall I suggest you wander north to Pirie Street and then east along Pirie street.  You will pass BTS Cafe which provides wonderful cupcakes.  Past BTS you will find an even smaller Cafe set back from Pirie Street.  This is Fiefy's.  Fiefy does wonderful hot chocolate and the best orange flavoured hot chocolate in Adelaide.

Continue south through the hole in the building that is occupied by Fiefy's and then west back towards the rear of the Town Hall passing under a covered walkway, and then south again to get to Flinders Street.  You will pass the Town Hall Garden Cafe and the old Pilgrim Uniting Church.

Travel west to the corner of the Flinders St and King William St.  You are standing in front of the old treasury building.  You can wander inside to see the court yard of this old building which is now a deluxe hotel featuring the Treasury on King William restaurant.

Back on the corner of Flinders and King WIlliam Streets you look over to the post office building which is still a functioning post office and has a clock tower which chimes every 15 minutes.

We will now wander around the Victoria Square which has been completely renovated over the last 12 months.  Cross south over Flinders Street and go east to the front of Blefari Cafe, who do a good Belgian hot chocolate.  Travel south along the edge of the square past the old buildings which are now occupied by the Carnegie Mellon University and cross Wakefield Street.

You are now on a corner where you can see the St Francis Xavier's Cathedral to the east.  If you keep heading south you will find the very modern SA Water building.  It is a grand foyer with a Funk coffee shop inside it.

At the traffic lights head west across the square.  Victoria Square is also the aboriginal location of Tarntanyangga.  Cross at the light on the other side of the square to the Hilton Hotel.  This is another modern building with a grand foyer and a good Cafe inside but I suggest saving lunch for your last stop.

Walk south then turn west into the Market Arcade.  Haighs Chocolates is on the left as you walk into the Central Market.  The Central Market is a great place to wander and shop for fresh produce.  Retrace your steps to the Hilton Hotel and then cross Grote Sreet to the north.  Argo Cafe is your final destination on Victoria Square just past the corner with Grote Street.

ChocAdelaide Instructions
ChocAdelaide Version 2 or higher (available for download)

  • Tap "Merkel's Tours" from the overflow menu.  
  • Tap the "Select Locations" button under "Victoria Square".
Version 1

Show all the locations within 310 metres of Blefari.  There are many Cafes in this area so you will have a number of cafes on the list you can ignore.
  • Ensure you are using "Closest First" order
    • Tap "Menus" on the action bar, "Settings", "List Order of Locations", "Closest First"
  • Search for location "Blefari"
    • Tap "Search" on the action bar,  Tap "Clear", Enter "Blefari" under "Location Name", tap "Search"
  • Set "Blefari" to your reference location
    • Tap "Blefari", tap the "Fix Location" icon on the Action Bar, tap "Fix Selected" button
  • Show locations within a 0.31 kilometre radius of the Town Hall
    • Tap "Search" on the action bar, tap "Clear", Enter ".31" below "Distance from Here", tap "Search"
  • Ask ChocAdelaide to show the direction and distance to these locations
    • Tap the "Fix Location" icon, tap the "Unfix" button

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