Friday, May 2, 2014

Fifty3 Café

Fifty3 is shop 53 of the Mitcham Square shopping centre.  It replaces Greco Crepe Connection in the area for the shopping centre under the cinemas, positioned in the middle of the arcade.  There is some stool seating and normal chair seating.  They focus on their coffees but do snacks as well.

The hot chocolate came in a black ceramic cup and saucer with a marshmallow.  It was topped with a brown froth and a semicircle of chocolate powder. The taste was dark, rich and not too sweet.  It is the best hot chocolate in the Mitcham shopping centre.  The cost was $3.50.

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  1. I don't like writing negative reviews but sometimes there warranted . I use to enjoy the service here until the owner some reason decided to take it soon himself to be most unfriendly , a very uncomfortable environment , it's unfortunate because this cafe is fabulous but the service is very unkind

    1. Get them in get them out that's their motto

  2. Hello Anonymous, sorry to hear about your experience. As the owner I'd like the opportunity to make it better. The team works really hard to make every customer welcome. Pop back by some time, we'd love to see you again.