Monday, May 19, 2014

Koko Black, Chilli

Merkel and Myrtle visited the new Koko Black Salon at the Rundle Street entrance of Adelaide Arcade.  This shop used to be a jeweller.  Instead of the glass cases displaying precious jewellery there are now glass cases showing off some wonderful hand-made chocolates.  Koko Black is nationally network of chocolate Salons and provides a fine chocolate experience.  It provides chocolates, desserts and various beverages including of course, hot chocolates.  The table service was attentive and friendly.

Merkel ordered the chilli hot chocolate which came with a warning from our waitress about its fiery nature.  The drink came in a large cup and saucer with the Koko Black brand.  It was topped with froth and multi-coloured latte art.  The drink was indeed fiery but I have had stronger.  The Belgian chocolate was delicious but not particularly dark or bitter.  The drink cost $6.50 and a complimentary chocolate of the day was provided with our meal.

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