Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Scrabbling for Hot Chocolates in Sydney

Merkel and Myrtle visited Sydney for the national Scrabble championships recently.  Their Scrabble performance was unremarkable but another South Australian, Daniel Piechnick, became the national champion.

While in Sydney, Merkel took the opportunity to try some new hot chocolates.

Il Buco

This is an Italian restaurant in Burwood with great food and great service.  The hot chocolate was not particularly special.  It came in a glass and saucer and cost $4.00.  This was adequate for a café.

Lindt Hot Chocolate Café

This café on Darling Harbour is a haven for chocolate lovers.  The hot chocolate came as an empty cup, a jug of frothed milk and a jug of wonderful liquid chocolate.  Merkel was free to mix his chocolate and milk to his desire, and the result was a great chocolate experience.  The cost was $7.00.

Chocolate del Mondo

Chocolate del Mondo has three stores in New South Wales.  Merkel attended the one on Burwood Road, Burwood.  This is a chocolate café which provides chocolate from all over the world.  It features a map or the world and the chocolate varieties that come from different countries.  It also creates the impression of chocolate dripping of the ceiling and walls.

Chocolate del Mondo is the sort of place Merkel would revisit many times if he lived in Sydney.  He ordered the Italian hot chocolate, which came in a tall glass topped with whipped cream and chocolate powder.  It was thick and delicious and cost $5.95.

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