Monday, May 24, 2010

Links Lady Bay

Merkel had the benefit of staying at Links Lady Bay, just outside Normanville on the Fleurieu Peninsula. This is resort built on a side of a hill overlooking the golf links and sea beyond that. Fine dining at the resource is managed by The Dunes Bistro. The big windows of the eating areas afford a great view out over the bay.

Merkel partook of the Hot Chocolate on three separate occasions. Each hot chocolate was a consistently good standard with creamy froth and a sprinkle of cocoa on top, perhaps flavoured with cinnamon. It was served in a short stemmed glass with a handle. At least one marshmallow was provided each time. There was one on the saucer on one occasion, two on the saucer on another occasion and late at night there were two dunked in the drink. As someone else was paying each time Merkel was unable to determine the cost.


  1. Nothing better than being curled up in front of a blazing log fire at this time of the year! Marshmallows to toast and a mug of organic hot chocolate made with full cream Jersey milk from the local Fleurieu Diary. Raindrops on the windows and wind howling through the trees, lashing the Great Southern Ocean into a fury. What a sanctuary Brooklands is! A haven for chocoholics and lovers alike! You should try it sometime!

  2. Thanks. I'll have to look you up when I am travelling near Port Elliot.