Monday, May 31, 2010

A Dark Romance

The Adelaide Review is a well respected free monthly journal. It is always a good read and has a reputation for giving an independent view and focussing on the finer things in life. In its June 2010 issue it has a feature on coffee & chocolate by John McGrath on pages 40–43. The feature is fairly wide-ranging, talking about large chocolate monopolies, free trade chocolate, organic chocolate and some favourite local chocolatiers such as Haighs, Cocolat and Bracegirdles. Mr McGrath's independence as a reviewer could be called into question when he does a cut and paste of text of "The Pullman range of coffee tampers" advertisement from page 41 into his text on page 42 for no apparent reason, but everyone cannot be as fearlessly independent as Merkel Marmaduke.

The title of the feature is "A Dark Romance". It is not quite a dark desire but the similarity to this blog name is perhaps a coincidence.

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