Monday, May 10, 2010

Queen Street Café

Your reviewer was attracted the Queen Street Café because it was established by the same people who established the Duthy Street Deli which has been reviewed here a couple of times. The Queen Street Café was one of the first restaurants to combine the concept of fine food with old Adelaide suburban shops to create a new dining experience.

Unlike the the Duthy Street Deli the Queen Street Café has not had significant renovation since it was established. The Café still has its old 1950s charm. The common origins of the two cafes are still evident with similar menus, blackboards and concept.

The hot chocolate was about $3.50 and came in a small coffee cup. The flavour of the chocolate was delicious but there was just not enough of it. The drink was topped with a tasty froth and a sprinkle of cocoa. It was served with a dark chocolate button which was delicious. The junior Marmadukes ordered iced chocolate. These lacked the presentation of a high quality iced chocolate and cost about $6.00. The Duthy Street Deli wins in the drinking chocolate stakes but both are great Cafes.
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