Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mount Barker Jazz Festival

Merkel and Myrtle attended the Mount Barker Jazz Festival (Jazzfest) on Saturday. It was mainly based around the big stage at Auchendarroch House but there were performers in other parts of this Adelaide Hills town. Merkel started at Auchendorrach with "Ruby's Electric Mayhem". Ruby's charisma was combined with some great keyboard and guitar work to perform some memorable jazz standards. Merkel noticed the Hot chocolate came in a tall glass with pink and white marshmallows but was moving onto the next performance before he had a chance to sample one.

Next, Merkel and Myrtle went to Millie's Bakery Café. This was a sister shop to Millie's in Dulwich. The Jazz in the tent outside from "Eddie White's All Stars" was excellent and the hot chocolate would have been good if it was anything like the Dulwich shop but the pair had a train to catch.

Merkel and Mytle boarded the Steamranger for a scenic tour of Mount Barker and the Bugle Ranges. The "Peter Hooper Jazz Trio" was performing in the carriages as the train rumbled down the track. The tuba, trombone and banjo trio certainly made the train trip upbeat, but there was no hot chocolate served on this ride.

It was Alice's Kitchen where our pair finally rested to savour a hot chocolate. Merkel had the mug for $3.50 while the cup would have cost $3.00. The hot chocolate was a rich dark flavour and not too sweet. It had a creamy froth and a line pattern on top made with chocolate powder. At Alice's was an excellent guitar duo "Two's Company" playing a couple of standards and some interesting originals.

Merkel and Myrtle returned Auchendarroch House for some traditional jazz from "Maurie's Jolly Rollers" and "Daily Jazz" which completed a thoroughly entertaining afternoon. The Mount Barker Jazz Festival continues on Sunday 23 May 2010 and will hopefully return next year. The music is free but the train ride and the hot chocolate costs money.

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