Saturday, June 12, 2010

Café Astros

According to Wikipedia Astros is a Greek city in the Argolic Gulf. It is served by the port Paralio Astros which has a photograph hanging on the the wall of Café Astros. This Café is a lunch and dinner restaurant serving traditional Greek food on the corner of Angas Road and Sussex Terrace in Hawthorn.

The hot chocolate was very decorative topped with a white froth and a syrup spider web pattern on top. It was served in a glass with a handle and a white and pink marshmallow were provided in the saucer. This was one of the best presented hot chocolates your reviewer has seen. The drink was advertised as a Swiss hot chocolate but the chocolate was not rich enough to detect that Swiss chocolate flavour. The hot chocolate cost only $3.20.
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  1. Definitely a finely presented coffee...and such a low price!? What a combination! It would be certainly interesting if you made maybe a top five list or summary in the future of the most exceptionally presented...or even oddly presented coffees. I'm loving the interesting reviews on this blog and already making a list of new venues to pop in to!

  2. That's great but these are hot chocolates not coffees. Usually the venues that decorate their hot chocolates nicely, also decorate their coffees nicely though. Please click on the side bar "Merkel Award Winners 2009" to see some of the best I have visited.