Sunday, June 20, 2010

Charlie's Coffee Lounge

The Market Plaza is at the Western side of the Adelaide Central Market. It is a fairly large covered plaza featuring a number of shops. Charlie's Coffee Lounge (also known as Charlie's Place), is officially Shop 53 at the Northern end. Despite being a covered plaza the umbrellas seem to be permanently established outside of Charlie's. The redundant umbrella syndrome has been noted before in reviews of Shunters and Jasper's.

The cost of the hot chocolate was $3.20 for a cup or $4.00 for a mug. Your reviewer ordered a mug and received a generous mug decorated with a creamy froth and sprinkle of chocolate powder. The drink included pink and white marshmallows. The mug was white with Griffith's coffee logo customised with the Charlie's name. The hot chocolate was a pleasant drink without being anything exceptional.

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