Monday, June 14, 2010


Merkel and Myrtle attended an evening with Earl Okin at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival in the Banquet Room of the Festival Centre. Earl is a talented multi-instrumentalist with a great sense of humour. This was an entertaining evening.

Merkel was on the lookout of hot chocolate treats before the show and discovered that coffees and hot chocolates are not served in the piano bar at busy times. Instead he ventured out to the Festival Centre courtyard where a number of mobile food dispensaries were accumulated. Churros in hot dipping sauce is a treat that Merkel has reviewed for the now defunct XO supper club and a temporarily established outlet of Sparrow Kitchen & Bar. These were on sale at the ChurrOZ trailer.

Unfortunately the ChurrOZ experience was not up to the standard of the other two. The sauce is not a dipping sauce; instead the sauce is dribbled over the top. All the tastes are still there. The warm churros were light and sweet and the chocolate flavour works well but Merkel prefers more chocolate and bigger churros. This cost was $4.50.

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