Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It was a cold and wet day so Merkel and Myrtle headed for somewhere fairly shelter for a quick lunch. They found themselves in the crowded food court of City Cross Arcade where Merkel had tried hot chocolates from Coffee & Cream and Daily Bread. One stall Merkel had not tried before was SB's. This was at the West side of the food hall, probably stall number 15. SB's had large range of sandwiches and wraps and a number of people behind the counter busy making them fresh to order.

The hot chocolate was available for $3.40 and $4.00. For $3.40 Merkel received a ceramic mug and saucer with a plastic spoon. It was topped with a tasty froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder on top. This was possibly sweetened with cinnamon. The drink was sweeter than usual but creamy and chocolaty.

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