Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bracegirdles, Dark Hot Chocolate

Merkel returned to another award-winning hot chocolate venue recently. Bracegirdles House of Fine Chocolate in Toorak Gardens was awarded for its Chilli hot chocolate in the 2009 Merkel Awards. It is near the corner of Greenhill Road and Portrush Road. It has had a new extension since Merkel was there last, moving into the shop next door. This seems to have been a great move for this popular venue. The new premises have warm timber flooring and timber table tops.

Merkel chose the dark Belgian hot chocolate this evening. It came in a generous mug with a brown froth and "B" decorated on the froth. The chocolate flavour was rich and delicious. It came with a pink marshmallow and cost $5.50. Also Merkel enjoyed sharing the 'Chocolate Bomb' with Myrtle. This was a serve of Scorched Almond and Baileys ice cream with a beaker of warm dark chocolate to tip over it.


  1. Have you tried Bar 9? Hot choc is amazing...

  2. I have now. Thanks, its a nice spot. A review will appear tomorrow.