Saturday, July 3, 2010

Espresso Yourself

There seems to be some differences in spelling this name. "Espresso Yourself" appears on the window but "Expresso Yourself". Nevertheless it is a great pun and rates a mention in a blog list of coffee shop puns. It rates up there with "A Latte Fun", "Running Latte", "Daily Grind" and "Spilling the Beans". Serves you Right also gets a mention on this site. This Café sells sandwiches and snacks and does a good steak sandwich. Seating inside is on two levels and there is some seating outside.

The hot chocolate is four dollars and comes in a big short-stemmed glass with handle. There is an ample froth on top but no sprinkle of powder. The hot chocolate is light and milky and will not satisfy anyone looking for a strong chocolate flavour.

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