Saturday, July 24, 2010

Café Komodo in the Evening

Merkel and Mytle returned to Café Komodo on Friday evening. It is a mysterious adventure to walk down the narrow path in the dark only a few fairy lights to point the way to the door at the end of the alley. At the end was the door to Café Komodo and beyond the door was the talented Adam Page Trio performing to a crowd in the rather ramshackle Café Komodo. The couple decided sit in the sunken lounge, which seemed to have been converted from an old garage, with the work of a local artist displayed on the wall.

The hot chocolate was again rich, dark and not too sweet. According to the menu it is Kali pure hot chocolate. This time it was served in glass with a bubbly forth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. The hot chocolate cost four dollars.

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