Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Viva Italian Strawberry

Merkel returned to Viva Espresso in Pirie Street to sample its Italian Indulgence Hot Chocolate. The flavours offered were strawberry, hazelnut and classic chocolate from which Merkel chose the strawberry hot chocolate. The hot chocolate arrived in a glass cup with handle which was branded with Cioconat brand. Finally, a chocolate company that brands to its own drinking vessels! Hot chocolate fans do no have to drink of cups branded with coffee labels.

The chocolate was finished with a thin brown froth. It was creamy, thick and rich. The flavour was dark with a pleasant hint of strawberry. The drink cost $4.20. It was not as thick as the Italian hot chocolate tried elsewhere but still qualifies as a good hot chocolate experience, so much so that Merkel returned a few days later to try the classic chocolate variety of this drink. The classic chocolate was the same good consistency and presentation as the strawberry flavour, just a little less exotic.

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