Friday, March 4, 2011

Koko Dream

I had a tip from a reader that I should make the trek out to Hallet Cove Shopping Centre to try the hot chocolate at Koko Dream. It does not seem to have website but it does have a youtube video. It is a litte shop with clean and bright décor. It sells chocolates and desserts and has a mini chocolate factory. As I visited the shop just before closing one evening the waitress needed a bit of convincing not to give me a takeaway cup.

Koko Dream does a range of hot chocolates. There is the standard hot chocolate with a number of different flavours for around $3.60 a cup. I was drawn to the deluxe Belgian hot chocolate for $5.50. This came in a tall glass with a white froth and an elegant chocolate syrup pattern on top. The glass sat on a saucer which included two marshmallows and a wrapped chocolate. The best part though was that it was good rich creamy Belgian chocolate and it tasted great. This was a hot chocolate with all the trimmings but the trimmings were little more than a distraction from a quality drink.

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