Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Koko Dream, Irish Cream

Merkel and one of the junior Marmadukes returned to Koko Dream in Hallet Cove Shopping Centre recently. After sampling a wonderful Belgian deluxe hot chocolate Merkel felt the responsibility to try the hot chocolate flavours available. The flavour could be applied to the standard hot chocolates $3.60 a cup or the Belgian hot chococolate at $5.50. The flavour cost sixty cents extra, included such flavours such as Irish Cream, Vanilla, Mint and Butterscotch.

Merkel went for the Belgian Deluxe hot chocolate with an Irish cream flavour and Merkel Junior had Vanilla flavour. Irish cream is just not the same without the alcohol. The decision was unanimous that the sweet flavourings do not add much to a great Belgian chocolate. The Marmaduke family recommendation is to stick with the plain dark Belgian hot chocolate and save the sixty cents.

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