Sunday, March 6, 2011

Suzette's Gourmet Caffe

Suzette's has been in Adelaide's daily paper "The Advertiser" for the wrong reasons so it was interesting to see Samela Harris's enthusiastic review from some time ago displayed on the cafe wall. Suzette's is in a great location at 540 Glynburn Road, Burnside, just before the Waterfall Gully turn-off. There is plenty of outdoor and indoor seating that provides for a nice outlook from the high side of the road. The café provides all sorts of meals and gourmet foods.

The hot chocolate came in Liberty Caffe coffee cup and saucer, with the logo facing the drinker on the outside of the cup. The chocolate was rich but a little sweet. The drink was topped with a white froth and a line of chocolate powder.
The drink cost $3.50 and came with a small wrapped Italian biscuit. It was noted that the date stamp on the biscuit wrapping was "1/2008" which suggests it was over three years old.  The biscuit tasted good but it reinforced the concern that Suzette's has problems with not disposing of old stock.
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  1. Suzette's has a reputation going back years for this sort of thing - it is nothing new.

  2. It's true. Those poor customers, especially those regulars,don't know what food they are eating and how they were made. She uses rotten tomatoes and slimy cucumbers and mouldy capsicums to make 'fresh salads'. The worst of all, she collects the eggs that's been left on the plate from the customer, heats them up and put on the next customer's plate.

  3. Thats nothing...Worst hygiene and food handling I've ever seen. Don't know how she hasn't been shut down yet.

  4. I agree. Overall she does not how to treat customers and look after their needs. When I asked her if she serves Gluten free bread she looked at me as if I am an alien or someone different? Oh and guess what she served me the wrong bread for my order. She is very racist as well as everyone who came after was served and she ignored us. When questioned she yelled and shouted at us for asking.