Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Aviary Dessert Kitchen

The Aviary is a recent addition to the restaurants on The Parade, Norwood. It is a late night dessert place. Most of the seating is upstairs, but you need to go downstairs to order. There is a variety of macarons, cheescakes and other sweet treats. Merkel and Myrtle settled for the churros with dipping chocolate and caramel.

The most striking thing about the Aviary Kitchen hot chocolate is that it comes in an oddly shaped bowl. The only other places in this blog featuring hot chocolate in bowls are Pranzo and Blond Coffee. This was a small bowl with a water-drop shaped opening. This was a useful shape for cupping in the hands and the chocolate was not too hot to allow this. The hot chocolate was topped with a white froth and a line of chocolate powder. It was a creamy drink but not particularly chocolaty. The churros dipping chocolate was rich by comparison and the leftovers made a good supplement to the weak hot chocolate. The cost of the hot chocolate was $3.90.
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  1. Very nice article and good looking picture too...

  2. i think their hot chocolate is one of the best I've tasted but then I've only ever gotten it with soy milk.