Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Returns to hot chocolate venues

I returned to Dome Espresso in the Westpac Building. He was not surprised to find it seems to have gone out of business so walked on to the Daily Planet where he grabbed a three dollar hot chocolate and had his lunch in the fairly cold courtyard there. The hot chocolate was better than last time but still lacked a bit of flavour.

I returned to the Royalty Snack Bar. This was weaker than last time but still cost $3.50.

Readers can depend on Chocolate World for a good rich hot chocolate if you can cope with the paper cup. I tried the jaffa chocolate. The chocolate flavour was good but the orange flavour was not much in evidence.

Café Astros still do a very decorative hot chocolate for $3.50. It is not as chocolaty as I would like but it is a nice creamy drink.

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