Friday, December 9, 2011

Funk with the Police

The newest addition to the Funk Coffee chain is hidden away inside the new Police building at 100 Angas Street. This is another case of Café Foyerism with the Funk tucked away in the corner of the huge and fairly impressive Police headquarters foyer. There are only three small tables in the Funk corner but there is lounge seating as well in the foyer. This is a comfortable place for the public to eat if you don't mind waiting in line behind members of the constabulary. Unfortunately Funk they only serves takeaway here, so you have to eat and drink in paper bags and cups. However they do offer to fill up mugs if you bring them along.

The hot chocolate was a reasonable standard topped with a white froth. The cost was $3.40 but paper cups are not to Merkel's liking.

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