Monday, December 26, 2011

Hot Can

Merkel got a self-heating can of hot chocolate for Christmas. This was a great present for someone on the leading-edge of hot chocolate drinking. The can was made by the hot-can company and is distributed through BP Reliance, IGA, Foodworks, Lucky Seven and Freedom fuels. This can however, was purchased from a specialty shop in Hahndorf.

The can heats up using an exothermic reaction in an inner chamber of the can. The drinker pushes a button on the bottom of the can which breaks a barrier between two chemicals inside the can and shakes up the can. It gets hot in about 3 minutes. A temperature setting on the outside of the can indicates when it is hot enough. To see this in action you can see the marketing video or a more true-to-life You Tube video. All this technology makes this an expensive drink for the serving of 210ml.

The chocolate is hot and the can comes with a plastic top so you can drink the hot chocolate straight out of the can without burning your lips. The drink however is too sweet and made with non-dairy creamer which makes it taste similar to the hot chocolates in the USA. There is no frothing of this hot chocolate. The can is great technology but the drink is a disappointment for a hot chocolate connoisseur.

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