Sunday, June 24, 2012

By Blackbird

A new café has opened up on King William Road replacing the second outlet of Au Matin Calme which only had a short residency in this road of Cafes. Merkel and Myrtle visited their recently for breakfast. There is a range of seating inside and a couple of table outside. It has minimally retro décor with an old light stand, radio and sewing stand on display. The menu included a range of pastries and pies. There was not much other fare available.

Merkel was attracted because of the Adelaide Matters which suggested the hot chocolate was made to a unique recipe. The hot chocolate came in an elegant hot chocolate mug. It was topped with a froth and pattern. The drink was a Belgian chocolate flavour which is often the case with good patisseries that serve hot chocolate. Merkel craved a richer chocolate flavour but it was a pleasant drink.
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