Monday, November 4, 2013

Kicco on Flinders

The Stax coffee shop at 60 Flinders Street in the foyer of the Santos building has changed hands.  It is now a Kicco franchise.  The Stax at 88 Flinders is still there though.  There are also Kicco boutique espresso bars in Pirie Street and Glenelg.  The Santos foyer is still comfortable place to have lunch.  The the range of sandwiches and roles has reduced with Kicco focussing on the coffee sales.

The costs of the hot beverages are $3.60, $3.80 and $5.50 depending on the size.  I settled for a small hot chocolate.  It was served in a ceramic cup and saucer with a liberal dumping of chocolate and top.  The drink was rich and creamy.

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