Wednesday, February 16, 2011


FieFy's is a "Hole in the Wall" style Café at 45 Pirie Street Adelaide. It sells selected beverages and a few snacks. In particular it makes Belgain hot chocolate and provides a choice of milk, dark, chilli and Jaffa hot chocolate. There were only six seats outside but there were sheltered in a walkway through a large building. The website is still to get much content uploaded. More content about the shop is at the CoffeeSnobs website.

Merkel chose dark Belgian chocolate and it was rich and delicious with that distinctive Belgian taste. It was served in a black ceramic cup with brown froth on top. The cost was four dollars.

Merkel returned a couple of days later for the chilli hot chocolate and this time it came with a marshmallow.  The taste was one of subtle spices rather than hot chilli.  It was a good Belgian chocolate and very pleasant.  It was decorated with an elegant "F".

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  1. I had their Belgian hot chocolate yesterday (upon your recommendation, actually!) and it was delicious! I will have to try some of the other flavours next time.