Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jones the Grocer

Merkel and Myrtle return to Jones the Grocer recently for afternoon tea. The hot chocolate came in large white ceramic mug and saucer. The drink was served with a marshmallow in the saucer and a nicely patterned froth on top. It was a good hot chocolate but had gone up to $4.90 since the last visit.

The saucer above was of interest because it contained the DiLorenzo coffee logo. Not only was this interesting because it was on the saucer but not the mug but it was strangley reminiscent of other logos discussed on this blog. The DiLorenzo Logo is a "D" with a little loop on top that makes it look like cup when you turn it on side. This idea has already been used by Bean Bar and it is also reminiscent of the Blogger logo. The three logos of Blogger, Been Bar and DiLorenzo are illustrated below.

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