Friday, February 4, 2011

Patisserie Jin

Merkle and Myrtle attended this new dessert shop at 241 Unley Rd, Unley on a Friday evening. The owners have done smart job with the Décor and there are plenty of tables with comfortable seating. Jin specialises in special well-presented desserts. The blog site is at The dessert photos look great but most of the site is in Korean.

The hot chocolate comes in a DiBella coffee cup with the logo in the viewer-facing position. It is served with a delicious biscuit in the saucer. The hot chocolate itself was satisfactory and went well with one of the blueberry desserts. The drink was topped with a white froth and sprinkle of chocolate powder and cost $3.50.

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  1. Thank you for the terrible customer service I received last night at Patisserie Jin. Although I may have been using a jumponit voucher I don’t believe that means you can then treat customers with such a rude and inappropriate attitude. Just to warn other possible jumponit users that you don’t have a choice of desserts as I would think a crème brulee is classified a dessert yet they didn’t want to honour that. They’re arguments were that the crème brulee is too expensive (price is $13.50 which is $1.50 more than other desserts) and the total value should equate to $34 value (even though they said you could have 2 other desserts at $12 each and 2 drinks at $6.50 each it still goes over the $34 value). Also be warned that if they’re not happy with you then they will speak to each other in another language so you can’t understand but you definitely know it’s about you. Another warning which I’m sure other people would have experienced is that you can’t use the voucher unless you make a booking and the catch is, you can only make bookings for Monday to Wednesday. Maybe they could have written that on the conditions of the voucher? Just a thought. But still be prepared to hear an earful if you do call and make a booking and when you get there they accuse you of not making a booking. I guess you can understand they’re frustration as they are so busy with empty tables on a Tuesday night.

    A final thank you to the lady who swore the “F” word whilst we were walking out the door. The professionalism as you can see is of a very low standard here.