Friday, February 25, 2011

Number 12 Café

Number 12 Café on Halifax Street used to be Create Snack Bar. It is a suprising large Café given its frontage just around the corner from King William Café which looks like it is not longer operating. Number 12 proudly advertises itself as Fringe 2009 venue now two years out of date, but it still has the exhibition of small colourful photographs that it showed in this Fringe. Number 12 provides a good range a premade and made-to-order sandwhiches.

The hot chocolate comes in a glass that was too hot to hold on a saucer. The saucer has the Di Bella brand on it and also comes complete with a marshmallow. The drink was topped with a mixture of white and brown froth and was creamy and chocolaty. The cost was $3.50.

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