Monday, February 7, 2011

Rio Coffee

Your reviewer visited Rio Coffee on Nelson Street, Stepney one Saturday morning. Rio is not a Café but a retailer and wholesaler of all things related to coffee, including espresso machines, coffee blends and various accessories. Rio also sells the range of Fraus hot chocolate mixes which is why Merkel went along to visit. He was interested in confirming the reciple of a good Fraus hot chocolate after a difference in opinion at Dome Espresso. This is where Merkel confirmed that the mix was 28g of chocolate powder to 110ml of milk.

Although Rio is not a Café, a barrista there was providing free samples for the shoppers and he agreed to provide Merkel with a sample of the Rio chocolate mix. This was provided in a small ceramic cup with a white froth on top and liberal sprinkle of chocolate powder. The mix was creamy, rich and chocolaty. Best of all it was free. The barrista was not providing free samples of the Fraus hot chocolate, possibly because it was four times more expensive than the Rio chocolate mix by weight.

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