Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Argo on the Square

Sometime ago Argo on the Parade with its outlet in Norwood took over the running of the Ink Café. The Ink Café has now been renonvated and rebranded as a new Café, Argo on the Square has appeared in its place. It now features funky design and decorative orchids in the Shop 4, Victoria Square. It serves breakfast and lunch and has a range of exotic sandwiches and wraps on the menu.

Also on the menu was a Mint Hot Chocolate which encouraged me to try it. It was $3.40 for the regular size and came in a black ceramic cup topped a white froth and chocolate flakes. The mint taste was a natural mint flavour rather than the standard artificial flavour which is often too sweet. As a result this was probably the best mint hot chocolate I have had.

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