Saturday, July 28, 2012

Menz Raspberry Chocs

While I am not a regular reviewer of chocolate confectionary, the fame of Merkel Marmaduke has spread to the people at Menz. The tastebuds that are finely tuned to sampling different types of hot chocolate were asked to try Menz's latest "Raspberry Chocs. Menz are of course the makers of the iconic FruChocs. In a recent Advertiser article apricot flavour chocolates were favourites for South Australian and this was largely due to the success of FruChocs.

Raspberry Chocs are similar size and shape to FruChocs, and they are covered in the same milk chocolate. The chocolate covers a raspberry flavoured gelatine centre which makes the treat a lot more chewy than the FruChoc.

Raspberry and chocolate go well together and the raspberry hot chocolate at Au Martin Calme was testament to this. I prefer a dark chocolate to counteract the sweetness of the Raspberry. Overall the Raspberry Chocs are too sweet for my liking. The raspbery flavour is not pronounced enough despite natural flavours and colours that go ino this treat. I however tried this on less mature palates. My kids loved these and I expect other children would too.

I note that a fellow blogger has tried dark chocolate FruChocs.  Now that sounds worth a try.

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