Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Merkel's Tours

Merkel's Tours is a new concept in chocolate tourism.  On these pages there will be a number of self-guide tours which I have chosen which take you to some of my favourite locations.  Of course there will always be some link with chocolate or hot chocolate on these tours.

Each tour will consist of a number of locations in close proximity which will enable my loyal readers to visit sites of interest.  The tours are based around Adelaide and may be walking or driving tours.  They will typically link together three or four locations and have optional deviations.  Typically each tour will take half a day to complete.

To assist the chocolate tourist there is an Android app being developed called ChocAdelaide.  The icon for the app is a rendering of the "Light's Vision" statue in chocolate (above).  This app will provide you with information about the various sites on the tour and point you in the right direction. Instructions will be provided on each tour on how to use the app to show you around.

Tours being developed include:

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