Wednesday, January 22, 2014

San Churro, Hot and Cold

I attended a film with friends this week at the Palace cinema on Rundle Street.  The film was Spectacular Now.  This was a teen coming of age story and there was some good dialogue and sensitive performances by the lead actors.  I am not sure that the story about self-obsessed teenagers had much appeal for the oldies and it did not have the typical themes that attract a younger audience.  Perhaps this is why their were only eight in the movie auditorium.

Walking down Rundle Street after the film I noticed the new location for Steven ter Horst Chocolatier Café.  The Café has moved from its location on Unley Road.  This should make Rundle Street a Mecca for chocolate lovers joining Cocolat, Chocolate Bean and Chocolateria San Churro on this strip.  Steven ter Horst will wait for another day as San Churro was our destination.

I had the hot and cold Spanish chocolate at San Churro.  This was a scoop of white chocolate ice cream in the thick Spanish chocolate.  This was more to be eaten with a spoon rather than drunk.  It was reminiscent of chocolate pudding with ice cream.  It was a pleasant way to finish and evening and cost $6.95.

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