Friday, February 21, 2014

Steven ter Horst, Rundle Street

Steven ter Horst has moved his shop to Rundle Street from his previous location on Unley Road.  The new location will be very popular but will also put in him competition with Cocolat, Chocolateria san Churro, The Birdcage and the Chocolate Bean.  Steven ter Horst however has the chocolate creations to compete in this neighbourhood.

The new shop has nice timber tables and a good counter area but the floor and one wall still looks unfinished.  I am not sure whether this is an intended part of the ambience.  In the counter are Steven’s normal array of magnificent chocolates and desserts.

I ordered the chilli hot chocolate which came in a small black ceramic cup and saucer.  It was topped with an even brown froth.  The taste was rich and consistently spicy through the whole drink.  It was not too sweet and cost six dollars.
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