Thursday, July 16, 2009

Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate

I thought I should investigate the history of why Marshmallows are associated with hot chocolate. I found a yahoo site which discussed why marshmallows are put in hot chocolate.

Some of the better answers were:

Ami: Why do you put pickles on burgers?

BrandonM: Well actually because since hot cocoa is hot and marshmallows are soft, and puffy. When you bite into a marshmallow it kinda relaxes your toungue and makes the hotness of the hot cocoa relaxing rather than painful.

MartiG: it makes it more frothy

I liked the more metaphysical answers:

Tamari: I always thought that it was because it looks like a few patches of snow in mud, like when spring starts and winter ends.

In Spite of Me: Because if you don't you'll upset the balance of the universe.

Cherry Blossum: Because marshmallows prefer to die in hot chocolate.

My favourite was:

EverythingsPeachy: Because sometimes having something with absolutely no nutritional value is fun!

But I am still no closer to finding any real history on the subject.

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