Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Un Caffe Bar

Un Caffe Bar at 11 Waymouth Street, is located in the foyer of a large City building with four other Cafes. It seems to have been an interesting trend over the last few years to put small Cafés in the open space of building foyers. When going into a modern building instead of nodding to the security guard as you enter you have to dodge the waiting staff.

The Hot Choclate at Un Caffe was delicious. It was a rich dark chocolate flavour much like the Belgium chocolate from Chocolate World. It came in a dainty ceramic cup with a good white froth and a stripe of chocolate powder. There were no marshmallows or extra chocolates. At $4.00 for a small cup this is not for those watching their pennies but be assured this is a good tasting hot chocolate.

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