Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Viva Espresso

Viva Espresso is a small coffee shop on Pirie St in the Adelaide central business district. Its specialty is cones of chips (aka frittes or french fries) which I have sampled on a number of occasions. They also have a small selection of sandwiches and other meals. The coffee shop has a coffee bean roasting machine in the corner which gives the shop a nice ambiance and aroma.

The Hot Chocolate is presented well. It comes with a pink marshmallow and a white marshmallow in a smallish ceramic cup. The froth is good with a chocolate stripe over the froth. The chocolate is rich but not bitter. The cost was only $3.20 but mugs of hot chocolate were also available. I would be happy to have this standard hot chocolate every lunchtime.

The pink and white marshmallows seem to be somewhat of a standard in Adelaide coffee shops. I have a sweet tooth but I find it sufficient to dunk only the white marshmallow. The pink one is for the girls and my partner usually obliges by relieving me of this confectionery.

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