Sunday, July 26, 2009

Opportunities Missed

After the Marmaduke family returned from it's trip through Victoria, Merkel discovers that Andrew Hansen of the "Chasers' war on Everything" is a Hot Chocolate fan and that he recommends a place in Ballarat which is on the way from Melbourne to Adelaide.
One certain cafe in Ballarat left its mark on hot-chocolate aficionado, Andrew Hansen, who gave a five-star commendation for what he believed was "the best hot chocolate I have ever had. It was brilliant.
Opportunity number two that was missed was a chain of seven shops in Victoria that offer 20 varieties of Italian Hot Chocolate.
The Chocolate Room -- seven in Victoria, two in Queensland, and others about to open in Cairns and Sydney -- offers handmade Belgian chocolates, desserts, fondues and 20 varieties of Italian hot chocolate.
The Marmadukes will have to return to Victoria soon.


  1. I can't believe I haven't seen your review for MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR!! Website: There is one in the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, on the ground floor. Sadly, none in Adelaide just yet! I am a hot chocoholic (I dislike coffee and tea!) and I taste hot chocolates wherever I go, and I think Max Brenner's hot chocolate rates the highest by far.

    I actually had a very similar idea for a website, but now I feel like I will be copying now that I know yours exists!!! I only just found it today and I think it's brilliant. :)

    Oh, and you must try the SWISS Hot Chocolate at The Perfect Cup. I have one almost every day and it puts the Dutch Hot Chocolate to shame!


  2. Jess

    Thanks for the tip. I will look out for Max Brenner next time I travel. His menu looks great.

    I have had the Swiss hot chocolate at Perfect Cup (both Grenfell and Central Market) and reviewed it in this blog. I like the unsweetened Dutch flavour if it is chocolaty enough.


  3. No problems Merkel :) It's good if you can dine-in as you'll get served a really nice 'hug mug' to drink your hot chocolate in! Pretty sure it also comes with marshmallows on the side, too.

    Ah, I must have missed your review of it. Just found it then. I must have a sweet tooth as the Dutch chocolate is not to my tastes!

    I think I should expand my horizons in the hot chocolate stakes. There are many places I have not yet been :)

    Cheers, Jess