Monday, March 3, 2014

Carnevale Coffee

Merkel and Myrtle visited Carnevale Coffee which has taken over the shops at 114-118 East Avenue Clarence Park south of Sublime Cafe.  Carnevale is a coffee roaster who provides a relaxing café experience.  It is furnished by a mixture of wooden tables and chairs.  Chess boards are provided on a couple of tables.  A number of light meals such as salads, wraps, croissants and filos are available.  The chess score was Merkel:2 Myrtle:0.

The hot chocolate came in a red ceramic cup and green saucer.  It is was topped with ample white froth and liberal sprinkle of chocolate powder.  The taste was light, creamy and chocolaty.  The cost was $3.50.

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  1. "The chess score was Merkel:2 Myrtle:0."

    On the one hand I'm thinking: this comes as no surprise.

    On the other hand I'm thinking: Come on, Myrtle, lift your game!

  2. Mr Smith

    As Myrtle is a member of Mensa she is always a worthy opponent at mind games. She always beats me at backgammon.

    We compete in the Scrabble state titles tomorrow. I have maintained an advantage over Myrtle in this game through diligent word study.


  3. Hmm... I'm no chess player Mr Smith, so I understand the lack of surprise on your part. Perhaps you would care for a game of Scrabble under competition conditions?