Monday, March 24, 2014

UR Caffe

This little Café is at 117 Melbourne Street a few doors west of First Pour.  It has exposed brick walls and a random mix of furnishings.  Merkel and Myrtle were sitting at table made from a door and packing crates.  The staff are friendly and quick and they have a good range of brunches such as eggs and salads on the menu.

The hot chocolate at UR Caffe looked quite special.  It was a Belgian hot chocolate in a large, slightly elliptical, drinking  bowl and saucer.  The drink was topped with a wonderful piece of latte art.  While the Belgian chocolate flavour was rich and creamy the drink was a little too sweet for Merkel's taste.  This would have been a great chocolate experience if there was less sugar in the mix.  The cost was $6.00.

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