Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Le Carpe Diem Café Creperie

Carpe Diem was a Latin phrase used by Horace in about 23 BC meaning “Seize the day”.  Here the phrase has been put amongst some French words to refer to a French crepe restaurant at 230 Grenfell Street.  The restaurant features French-speaking waiting staff and a range of savoury and sweet crepes.

Merkel ordered the standard hot chocolate which was $4.00.  It came in a ceramic cup and saucer and topped with a white froth and sprinkle of chocolate powder.  This was a good rich dark chocolate flavour.

Merkel then noticed that there was a Chocolate Venois on the menu made with Belgian chocolate, so he ordered this for dessert, as you do if you are a hot chocolate connoisseur.  The drink came in a ceramic cup and saucer topped with a big squirt of whipped cream, and a second jug of hot chocolate for refills.  Myrtle requested a second cup so she could assist Merkel in consuming this jug of hot chocolate.  She was refused by an intransigent staff member.  Good chocolate is something to share.  This policy of not sharing a jug of hot chocolate was inexplicable.  Of course the chocolate was shared.  The chocolate was Belgian but should have been darker and richer to offset the cream.  The cost of the Chocolate Venois was $5.50.

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