Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Café Mondiali

The distinctive décor of Café Mondiali (also known as Mondiali Café Ristorante)is the first thing that confronts the visitor. The large glass doors with the coloured glass inlays are very avant guarde. Inside, the place is big, like a barn, but there are paintings on the wall and a large work reminiscent of Salvador Dali front and centre.

The hot chocolate also looked like an artwork. It came in a glass with a good froth and intricate spider-web design on the top rendered in chocolate syrup (see photo). This might be a rendering of the Mondiali logo that appears on their website. When hot chocolate comes in glass the waiters usually provide a napkin or paper wrapped around the glass to stop the drink burning the patron's fingers. This was missing in this instance to the detriment of my finger tips. The froth with its syrup was tasty but unfortunately the drink itself was too weak. The hot chocolate cost $3.50 and came with a marshmallow.
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