Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Hot Chocolate Haiku

In a previous posting I presented some great Haiku poetry. The word "Chocolate" is a bit problematic as it can be pronounced with two syllables (choc'late) or three syllables (choc-o-late). I guess I am happy with either.

From Renatta Pellack
Yum, marshmallows, PLEASE!
Don't burn my tongue or my lips.
Warm on a cold day!

From "Point"
dark luxurious
liquid hot between my toes
bathing in chocolate

A fridge magnet haiku is displayed at flickr
winter makes man
shiver and man devour drinks
of hot chocolate

Erin Zimmer claims that hot beverage poetry does not get enough respect and contributes:
once just a powder
but hot liquids transform you,
brown winter mustache


  1. i wrote that haiku seven years ago.

  2. The dark taupe powder
    Swims in the silky white pond
    Until summer starts(it hits the microwave)