Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Biga Panificio, Hutt St

This Café does not have much seating inside but has ample seating in the closed-in veranda on two sides of the Café. It offers a range of sandwiches made from Italian forms of bread such as Focaccio and Piadina.

The hot chocolate was $3.20 and came in a small cup. In this blog I have repeatedly referred to generous mugs and generous cups. This one could best be described as stingy. The handle was so small that even Myrtle could not insert her dainty digit through it. The chocolate was good, chocolaty and rich. The froth and sprinkle was well executed but there was just not enough drink to quench my desire for a hot chocolate.

I had high expectations for this establishment after listing it in an earlier posting as one of the few places in Adelaide to get an Italian Hot Chocolate. Alas, the new management at Biga Panificio is no longer providing this beverage. I asked the friendly waiter and he suggested that Chianti Classico down the road does this gluggy delight. Stay tuned to hear more from Merkel Marmaduke on this.
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