Monday, August 24, 2009

Café Ela'te, Topham Mall

Topham Mall is a group of shops between Waymouth St and Currie St. In there are a couple of Cafes. Ela'te serves a small choice of pasta meals and plenty of seating. The hot chocolate was only three dollars which puts this hot chocolate in a special class which I have reviewed before. The chocolate came in an "Aroma Fresh" coffee cup with a heap of froth and chocolate sprinkled on top. There were no marshmallows and the drink was a bit weak for my taste. There was no extra chocolate powder at the bottom unlike my previous three dollar hot chocolate.


  1. Hi there... I love your reviews... what would you think about putting some of them up on the new review SA website I'm launching soon?


  2. Thanks James

    The site looks good.

    I've put up the Mondiali review. Couldn't upload the photo though.