Saturday, August 8, 2009

Spats Café, 108 King William Road, Goodwood

Spats Café is a place of special memories for your reviewer. He first took his Lady Myrtle Marmaduke there on their first date 20 years ago. The Café is much like it was then. It is a place of great character and charm and perfect for intimate coffees and dinners. The Marmadukes returned there recently.

The two hot chocolates on the menu were the standard hot chocolate ($6.00) and the hot chocolate with Baileys Irish Cream ($9.25). As readers will know Merkel Marmaduke never shies away from new hot chocolate experiences so he chose the hot chocolate with Baileys. It was worth the expense. The hot chocolate came in an elegant glass with a handle and a saucer. It came with a marshmallow and was topped with cream sprinkled with cinnamon and cocoa. The hot chocolate was creamy and the Baileys gave it just the right sweetness and intoxicating after taste.

The great taste will make this hot chocolate a contender for the Merkel Awards although the price would mean it could not be an everyday experience.
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  1. You sentimental thing you!


  2. how gorgeous...that place is magical

  3. loved spats love the way its designed you can just see the essence of the brothel.

    for pictures of food i had at spatz